Egri Csillag (the white wine)

It is no surpize that the story of the Egri Csillag goes back to the times of Turksih occupation.


White wines are similar to red wines of the area, they represent the harmony of the habitat and the varieties of grapes that are native to this land. Fruity flavours and dynamic acids are also characteristics of these excellent products.The white wine however, never got the attention that it deserved. This is the reason why the viticulturists of Eger thought it was time to look for the white equvalent of the Bull's Blood. This is how the Egeri Csillag was born. This brand is the blending of the following Hungarian white wines: furmint, linden- leaf, the leányka wine, királyleányka, zengő and zenit. It is similar to the Bull's Blood and the viticulturists have big hopes for it.


Follow the Eger Star – the legend of the Egri Csillag


It is no surpize that the story of the Egri Csillag goes back to the times of Turksih occupation. Eger's new white wine, the Egri Csillag got its name after a legend that was born in ancient, star-lit times. In Eger, and in the nearby villages, people built cabins along the roads that led from one place to another. The light coming from these cabins helped merchants and vagabonds find their way in the dark. Most of these little houses were built by wine-growers in the vineyards of the northern and eastern parts of Eger and the Nagy-Eged (a hill near the town). They intended to create defensive stands that would also serve as road markers.


The remains of one of these cabins named "Dirty Work" can still be found in Ostoros. This was important because this was – and still is - the only way to get to the biggest valley of the wine district: the surroundings of the Almagyar and Sík Mountains. The road then continued past the Eged through the Bükk Mountains, so the cabins were marking the main stops on a commercially very significant trade-route. People were selling goods like wine, corn and textiles there.


The Csurgó stream, that is running along the valley between the Almagyar and Sík Mountains, used to flow into one of the small lakes of the Nagy-Eged, and the lake provided the water for horses and cattle. In those times, travelers never stopped for the night, because of the length of their journey. When they reached Eger, these cabins on the Eged-hegy pointed them to the right direction.


The wagons, that were often fully packed with wine-casks, could pass through Eger calmly and safely. It was also easier for the horses, because they could walk along a flat road until they reached the mountains. The lights that led people in the dark were famous in the whole country. There is a saying that was born around these times: "If you travel to Eger, follow the star of Eger!"



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