The Bull’s Blood

If someone mentions Eger wine, most people think about the Bull’s Blood. There is a good reason for that.




According to historical notes, the first description of the grape types that provide the Bull's Blood appeared over a hundred years ago, in 1912. One of the Eger wine-growers, Jenő Grőber created Bull's Blood to present the beauty and strength of the red wines of the district.


The inspiring name and the blending of great grapes resulted in a great success: the Bull's Blood is now the most well-known wine brand of the district. The Bull's blood however, just like every other Hungarian wine, has had some bad years over the past hundered years. The wineries that were reived after the poitical transformation did a lot to save the good reputation of the brand. Many things had happened before the consumers were willing to admint that the Bull's Blood was a high quality, suberb wine.


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